Someone special needs your help! - Noomi Bean Bags

Someone special needs your help!

Smart Pups is a not-for-profit organisation based on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland. They are dedicated to providing early intervention assistance to children with Autism; seizure related conditions; or mobility restrictions. Each Smart Pup is trained for public access and to master specific tasks that will best assist the individual needs of the recipient child. Once placed, the Smart Pup becomes an integral part of the family unit, safeguarding the child’s health and wellbeing and easing anxiety over daily challenges to maximize opportunity development for improved social and educational gains.

Just like you, Maison loves his noomi XL and uses it all the time. If you fancy a noomi XL too, you can grab one at the silent auction! 

Maison, Jodie and Troy Caldwell would really really really appreciate your donation so thanks a lot in advance!

For more info, check out this Facebook page: