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About Us


It all started on a trip overseas, when I first saw it. It was so different and inviting, I had to try it... I sat on it and loved it straight away. It was the most comfortable thing I ever sat on in my entire life. It was love at first bum touch! Then I thought to myself: I must get myself one of those, and headed straight to the shop. I ended up buying two and posted them to Australia. Three months later they arrived. A trip to the shops to get 10 (yes, 10!) bags of beads and after 3 hours of filling I was sitting all smirking on my massive, soft, super comfy green bean bag.

A friend came over, tried it, loved it and took one of the two I bought. Other friends came over, tried it, loved it, and begged me to get them a couple too. On my next trip I bought a few more, posted them, 3 months, arrived, shops, filling, smirk, friends, tried it, loved it, get us one too, and the rest is history...

When you think about it, most of us spend most of our lives sitting: at home, at work, when we drive or commute, when we eat, watch TV, in front of the computer, when we are by ourselves or with family and friends. The noomi philosophy is pretty simple: If you have to sit, sit comfortably!

noomi has something comfy, supportive and fun for every body and every stage of life: from feeding and tummy time, through learning how to sit up right, starting to read, jumping on the couch, having sleep overs, studying for exams, entertaining friends, moving out, getting your first couch, starting a family... We got something to support your body in each and every step. 

Our products are designed with a few important things in mind: incredible comfort, great back support, quality materials, multi-purposeness, easy cleaning, and most importantly: fun! With our customers feedback we have developed the products to perfection over the years. We are super proud that so many people have made our products part of their lives and simply can't or won't do without them. We are very happy that our products help people with disability and autism.

At noomi we are not only passionate about supporting your body, we also support the community. We generously donate from our products and organise all kinds of events for the benefit of the community. Check our blog for more information and come and take part!

noomi is Australian owned and operated. Our HQ is based in Mordialloc, Victoria.