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Sensory Self Regulation

Everyone who has tried our stretchy bean bags & unique cushions absolutely loves them. There are many reasons why, but the main one is that they are comfortable in a way nothing else is. As soon as you get on a noomi, you relax straight away. It almost feels like a switch flicks in your head saying: "It's relaxation time". Now imagine what it does to an Autistic person or a person with SPD (Sensory Processing Disorder), ADD / ADHD or Asperger's Syndrome.

Quiet soothing time: noomi helps with Autism, SPD (Sensory Processing Disorder), ADD / ADHD or Asperger's Syndrome

There's a few reasons why our beanbags feel so good:

1. The covers are made of a special fabric. Stretchy cotton, just like a thick t-shirt, feels great on the skin, and the stretchiness allows the bean bags to wrap around the body and envelope it. A good hug has a very soothing effect. It makes you feel safe.

2. Our bean bags are filled with special beads. Those high grade beads are much smaller than normal bean bag beads, they're quieter, and are highly tactile. Those beads are encased in a separate liner, which makes it easy to wash the cover.

3. The unique shape of our bean bags makes them very versatile, and they can be moulded into different shapes. The soft, yet firm once moulded fill, provides uniform pressure & sensory input, which promotes body awareness and helps focus & calm the mind. We often hear from parents how their child, that never sits still, spends hours in the noomi.

Our products are widely used & highly recommended by parents, carers, occupational therapist, support coordinators, school aides and many other professionals that help children & adults with autism to live a better life.

Did you know that you may be able to use your NDIS funding towards your noomi purchase? Have a chat to your OT, support coordinator or school counsellor, check out our NDIS page or get in touch with our friendly team. We are here to help!

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We often hear exciting stories from our customers, telling us how they use the noomi in so many different ways and how effective they are to apply pressure, push, pull, jump on, create a reading corner or a quiet time go-to-place, sleeping & more. Don't take our word for it - read our customers' reviews here and throughout the website:

Awesome tool for self regulation!

Bought the Mini Moon Bean Bag for my nearly 4 year old, and it is already helping him to self regulate his emotions and endless energy through firm hugs from the Noomi bag, and throwing himself against it, and on it. The large square box it arrived in was also a win! It’s now a cubby for him to chill in.

Caroline B.

I am so happy I discovered Noomi!

My son says his noomi XL is like a big hug! It has really helped my son, who has ASD, self regulate, and has become his safe place during a really tough time adjusting his medication. My 15 month old daughter loves using the Caterpillow as a balance beam. And nothing makes me happier than seeing my kids snuggled up together on the noomi. I will definitely be back for more! Brilliant on all fronts!

Domenica R.

Best bean bags for ASD kids!

We have the XL and the caterpillar Noomis. My ASD kids love them, and we love them! We’re always fighting over who gets to hog the XL to sleep on. They’re a wonderful product at a brilliant price.

Hannah S.

A great sensory tool!

We recently bought 2 of the XL bean bags for our children's respite facility that caters for children with Autism. They have been amazing!

All of the kids love lying all over them, as well as feeling the beans through the cover with their hands and feet.

Has been an excellent addition to our sensory room!
We also love that the covers are washable so when they are a bit dirty we can pop them straight into the wash and they come up good as new.

Christie Marsh - Statewide Autistic Services Inc / Swonnell House Manager

Creative Moves and Autism Assist use visual aides and sensory equipment to assist in behavioural, social / emotional and educational outcomes. These products have been hand chosen for their unique properties.

The Noomi bean bag has many uses for people with autism who suffer from sensory sensitivities.

The Noomi provides a weightless feeling when sat on and sinks in around the body, providing pressure. This sensation is usually only attainable through human touch, a weighted blanket or vest.

The Noomi can be used as a sensory reward or as an intervention tool for self-regulation during times of emotional anxiety. The Noomi can also be used as weighted pressure by placing a smaller cushion on the individual, then sitting or lying on top of it, providing an even distribution of pressure.

I also use the Noomi for individuals with ADHD to encourage sitting for longer periods of time and to demonstrate a relaxed feeling in the body. The long shape and ground level position it has is perfect for getting these individuals to use ground or floor level positions for both relaxation and small tasks, making them perfect for therapy based purposes.

Nicole Molloy - Director Autism Assist & Creative Moves

I have been a huge fan of the Noomi products for home use, though I am absolutely thrilled to share the results we have had with Noomi for school use as well.

I have an 8 year old son who has challenges at school. Sitting still has been a massive issue and concern. As you can imagine a child who can't sit still in their chair or on the floor can be quite disruptive not just to him, but to the whole class.

I am very grateful I have a supportive school and teachers who are willing to work with me and think outside the box regarding solutions. I had success with my son’s reading, sitting in the large Noomi and my son’s OT explained this was because he had 'instant sensorial feedback' and felt supported in the Noomi. Then when Noomi launched the smaller Noomi - perfect for my son to sit in as a chair and add to this the table-top noomi (LapCush), homework became much easier!

The question was: how do I translate this to within the classroom? We had experimented with cushions in class with no success. Then Noomi released the new cushions (BumCush) - perfect timing. My son uses his Noomi cushion in his classroom. It is 'his spot' on the floor and also uses it on his chair. In his words: "I don't slide round my chair anymore and I feel safe". The Noomi cushion has certainly made it easier and more manageable and a great size, so that it doesn't disrupt the rest of the class, nor does it make it seem as though my son is doing anything 'different'.

Love how it is often the simplest things...

Katherine, Sydney - Mum to a child with ASD