How to hide the elephant in the room - Noomi Bean Bags

How to hide the elephant in the room

Playing Santa this Christmas?

We know some noomis are pretty big & might seem hard to hide.
That's why we've come up with a list of cheeky & sneaky ways to keep your noomi hidden away, so it's a great big comfy surprise on Christmas day.

Next Door Neighbours:
Close and convenient, it's the best spot outside your house to stash your noomis, assuming that you like your neighbours, of course. Suggest a gift storage swap if their garage is a chock-a-block!

Family and friends:
Have your order shipped directly to your family or friends, and keep it there until the big day. That's what friends are for! 

Work place:
If your workplace is open Mon-Fri 9am-5pm and you're allowed to send your goodies there, let us know and we'll ship your order there. 

At home:
You'd be surprised how many great places there are to hide your noomi - in the garage, roof space, under the house, in the back shed, under a pile of laundry, bottom of the wardrobe. 

Right under their nose:
The best hiding place may be out in the open. Leave plain, label your box with something boring like “tax and insurance papers”, “cleaning supplies”, “hand me down clothes” or reuse an appliance box that fits. Place it in an area of the house that has similar items (office, laundry, wardrobe, garage) and they will never suspect!

And if all other options are a "no-go", wrap it early and place it under the Christmas tree. Why not have the kids guessing for weeks what it is and who it’s for?!

Whatever you do, make sure it’s in a dry spot, out of the sun, free from pests and moisture. All our products get delivered in a bag or a box, and sometimes in a bag in a box. All you need to do is destroy all evidence hinting it's a noomi, then wrap it, throw a doona cover over it, or bury it under a pike of laundry. They will never find it there!

Late Shipping
To minimise the time you have to stash your noomi, we can ship your order closer to Christmas. But to ensure a timely delivery we recommend shipping no later than early December. Our products ship from Melbourne, so if you live in a remote location, let's make it late November. Simply let us know when you order.

Click & Collect 
You can order your favourite noomi now & collect anytime right up until Christmas. Simply add a note to your order, and we will hold it for you until you're ready to play Secret Santa.