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Refill Beans (100 Litres)

Bean bag beans, filling, beads - no matter what you call it, noomi has the best quality ones for your bean bags and cushions! Our beads are top quality EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) with average diameter of 2-3 mm. Store bought beads are about 3 times bigger! The smaller the beads are, the less they compress when you sit on them and the more comfy your bean bag is. So if you use quality filling, it will last you longer and you'll need to refill your bean bag less and less often.

noomi Service
Do you hate refilling your bean bag by yourself? Is it just too hard? 
Simply drop by with your bean bag / cushion at our warehouse and we can fill it for you. For noomi bean bags this service is absolutely free. Youo only need to pay for the beads. For non-noomi bean bags there's a $15 fee per bean bag on top of the beads cost.
If it's a giant bean bag and you won't be able to fit it in your car once it's full, we can deliver it to your door for a fee. Let us do all the hard work for you!

Self Service
We offer bags of 100 litre of top quality EPS. You can use it to top up your noomi, fill / refill any other bean bag or restore old cushions that lost their charm.

Currently we ship beads in Victoria only. The shipping cost depends on your location.

We can pick up your bean bag, service it and drop it off back at yours a few days later. Please contact us to coordinate.

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