Bean Bag Maintenance 101 - Noomi Bean Bags

Bean Bag Maintenance 101

How to keep your bean bag clean and comfy as the day you bought it?


Cleaning your bean bag or cushion is really easy. There's a few ways to clean it, depends on how dirty it is.

The simplest thing to do is to vacuum the bean bag when you vacuum the house. That will remove fluff and pet hair from the surface and will prevent dust from settling into your bean bag. Make sure you use a flat nozzle, not a brush, so you don't scratch the fabric.

You can also use a lint roller to clean pet hair or fluff if you really don't feel like vacuuming, but this will only clean the surface, and won't prevent dust from settling into the bean bag.


Every now and then, when the cover gets dirty or when the bean bag feels a bit too loose, we highly recommend to wash the cover.

All our bean bags and cushions have 2 layers, i.e. a cover and a liner, so you can easily wash the cover without having to empty the bean bag. The beads are fully encased inside the liner.

All our bean bags are equipped with child-safety zippers, to meet the Australian standard for bean bags. That means you can't open the zipper with your hand. You need a paper clip or a safety pin to move the zipper head. Once you thread a paper clip into the zipper head, you should be able to open the zipper easily. Remember not to force the zipper, or it might jam forever. 

Once you've taken off your cover, turn it inside out and put it in the washing machine with like-colours. Wash cold and up to 30 degrees, normal cycle. Hang to dry in the shade or put in a dryer on low heat. Do not dry clean, bleach or iron.

Avoid using the bean bag without the cover, as it might over stretch the liner and crush the beads. 

Once your cover is dry, turn it back inside out, make sure the zipper is fully open and then replace over the liner. The bean bag should feel tighter now. You might need an extra pair of hands to hold the zipper tracks together while you close the zipper. 


If you washed the cover and placed it back on your bean bag, and your bean bag feels a bit too loose, it's probably time to get your bean bag refilled. You can either order more beads and refill it by yourself, or you can bring it to our showroom and we will refill it for you. The service is free for noomi customers, you only need to pay for the beads.

Our bean bag beans are smaller and denser than any other bead in the market. Which means they last longer, feel better and make a lot less noise. We highly recommend that you top up your bean bag with our beads to maintain the quality of your bean bag.

As a rule of thumb, you will need about 100 litres of beads refill per year of use. So if you've been using your bean bag for 2 years, you may need 200 litres refill. However, this is a general guide only, and it really depends on how you use your bean bag (face-planting, cannon-balling, jumping Vs. relaxing), who's using it (heavy Vs. light) and how often (once a week Vs. all day long). 

It's very easy to keep your bean bag plump and happy. Order your refill today or visit our showroom for a refill.

If you're coming to our showroom for a refill, we highly recommend that you take off your cover and wash it before your visit and bring it with you, so we can determine exactly how much refill you need.

Spare covers

Sadly, accidents happen from time to time; a stain doesn't come off, the cover gets caught on something sharp and tears, or your cat decides it's a great idea to pee on your bean bag.

You might just get bored with your existing colour, you're redecorating and need a different colour or you want to change your bean bag from indoor to outdoor or vice versa.

Long story short, if you need a new cover for your bean bag, we've got you covered... hahaha. You can order it online or visit our showroom and grab one.


Your bean bag can look and feel amazing years after you purchased it. All it needs is a bit of love and care, and it will love you back. If you need advice, please feel free to contact us or visit our showroom.