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Plush Toys

At noomi, we’re all about comfort. Our huggable plushies make for the perfect companions and are a must-have gift for kids. These adorable stuffed animals inspire imaginative play, offer emotional support and provide physical comfort. Whether it’s a baby’s first plush toy or a soothing buddy for all ages, our plushies have you covered. Explore our soft toys – we've got comfort wrapped up.



A fun, soft, light ball for playing indoors. Great for kids with sensory needs.

Kids fox animal shaped body pillow

Huggy Roll Kids Body Pillow

An animal shaped snuggle pillow for kids & kids at heart. Super soft and comfy.
Weight Mate Weighted Heat Pack

Weight Mate Weighted Heat Pack

A plush, weighted, aromatherapy hug.

Plushies & Stuffed Toys for Babies, Kids & Adults

At noomi, we believe that comfort is important to us all feeling at home with ourselves. What better place to start than a plushie or stuffed toy? Plush toys are the perfect sensory self-regulation tool and we know they’re not just for kids. They can help babies, kids & adults alike, plus they’re oh-so-cute! Take a look at our range of colourful soft toys & balls that you can cuddle at home or on the go.

Did you know that our soft toys are highly recommended by parents, carers, school aides & many other professionals to help children & adults sensory soothe & self regulate. NDIS funding may be used towards your noomi purchase.

Soft toys for babies & toddlers - the perfect gift

Our plushies make for the perfect first gift for babies, playing a pivotal role in a baby's early development. At noomi we’re here to kickstart their comfort journey with our delightful stuffed animals and soft toys.

Soft toys provide an array of benefits for your little ones, including sensory stimulation, comfort, companionship, and opportunities for imaginative play. Our lovable koala toy has captured the hearts of many and is an Australian favorite, while our plush puppies offer all the joy of having their very first pet (without the added responsibilities!). With a range of stuffed animal plushies to choose from, there's a perfect match for every personality.

For the little ones who are just beginning to develop their motor skills, our ball is the ideal tool. This soft toy is designed to be indestructible, super soft, and incredibly fun; it's the perfect companion for learning how to catch, throw, and roll.

Plushies & soft toys for sensory soothing

Our plushies are the perfect pal for anyone who suffers from big feelings (and don’t we all have those?). Soft to the touch and oh-so-huggable, they provide stress relief and comfort and help to self-soothe when feeling upset or anxious.

Our plushies are more than just cuddly companions; they're perfect pals for anyone grappling with big feelings – and let's face it, we all have our moments. These soft and huggable wonders offer a tactile experience that is soothing to the touch. They provide stress relief, comfort, and the means to self-soothe when feeling upset or anxious.

The sensory benefits of our plushies extend beyond their softness. Their presence can offer emotional support and a sense of security, helping individuals manage stress and anxiety more effectively. The act of hugging or squeezing a plushie can provide a calming effect, reducing feelings of tension and worry. 

For autistic people or children and adults with sensory processing difficulties or ADHD, plushies can serve as valuable tools for self-regulation. These soft toys offer a comforting and predictable sensory experience that can help individuals stay focused, calm, and grounded. Many people find comfort in the repetitive motion of touching or holding a plushie, making them an excellent aid for self-soothing.

Moreover, plushies can be incredibly versatile in aiding sensory regulation. They can be a source of tactile stimulation, and the soft, stretchy fabric outer is soothing to stroke and touch. The familiarity of a beloved plushie can provide a sense of consistency and routine, which can be especially beneficial for individuals who thrive on predictability.

Plushies & soft toys for on-the-go comfort

Our plushies are super lightweight (which is oh-so-comforting for new parents getting used to traveling with everything including the kitchen sink). Whether you're heading on a family holiday or just a quick trip to the shops, our soft toys make perfect travel companions for comfort on-the-go. Their manageable size and weight make them easy to carry in a bag or backpack, ensuring that comfort and reassurance are always within reach.

If you are traveling away from home, bringing along a familiar plushie can help to ease the transition and provide a sense of security in unfamiliar surroundings. The plushie serves as a comforting presence that represents home and stability, helping children feel more at ease during their travels. The perfect travel buddy!

It’s just another reason why our stuffed animals are always on our go-to list for gifts for kids.