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ShoulderBliss Aromatherapy Neck & Shoulder Heat Pack

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Why you'll love it:

ShoulderBliss wrap is a next generation heat pack. Generous in size and cleverly designed to sit comfortably around your neck & shoulders, you can wear it all day long, at home or on the go, and forget that it's even there.

It can be used hot or cold, and this version has a special aromatherapy blend to create a soothing scent. 

Treat yourself or wrap it up as the perfect pampering gift for her or him.

Unique design for maximum comfort
Horizontal stitching keeps the filling and temperature evenly spread throughout. Heat is great for blood circulation, easing muscle pain or tension, relieving stress, arthritis, period pain, endometriosis, and more.  It feels like someone is putting their hands on your shoulders, saying "everything is going to be ok".

Herbal hug
Filled with a special blend of rice, peppermint & lavender, so it doesn't only soothe your aches and pains, it also smells amazing.

Sensory soothing
ShoulderBliss has a good weight (over 1kg) which applies calming pressure on the shoulders area and feels great, particularly for people with sensory needs, a bit like a mini-weighted blanket. Feels great even at room temperature.

While the shape is designed for the neck & shoulders area, you can use it on other parts of your body, such as back, tummy, thighs, joints, etc. Use it hot or cold.

You may also love to try our scent free version: ShoulderBliss Scent Free Heat Pack.

Heat for hot therapy:
Place in a clean Microwave. 
Do not put water in the microwave.
Heat on high
 60 seconds.
Flip the pack over and heat for another 30 seconds or until desired temperature is reached, but never hot.
Do not exceed total heating time of 90 seconds.

Cool for cold therapy:
Seal in a plastic bag and place in the freezer for a minimum of 6 hours.
Wrap can be kept in the freezer until needed.

Usage instructions
Apply hot or cold to the desired area for a maximum of 20 minutes.

Product Care
Store in a cool dry place, or in a zip-lock bag in the freezer.
Spot clean only. Do not allow the wrap to get wet.

Not recommended for infants or those who are insensitive to extreme temperatures or have a circulatory problems. Never use this product with sports creams, liniments or other lotions.

Fabric: 100% polyester
Filling: 87% Rice, 10% Lavender, 3% Peppermint

Flat: W42 x L28 x H3 cm, 1.15Kg
Package: W22 x L25 x H6 cm, 1.3Kg

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