noomi Chair - Bean Bag Chair - Stretchy Cotton - So Comfy - noomi bean bags

noomi Chair

The noomi chair is a wonderful medium size bean bag chair for kids and adults

  • Comes pre-filled with premium beads (included in the price!)
  • The cover is made of stretchy cotton and is machine washable
  • The top is our super comfy Support U pillow
  • The bottom is the noomi S square beanbag

The kids are jumping on the couch? Give them something else to jump on!

This beanbag combo is fantastic for the kids room, TV room and lounge area and can be easily moved around the house. It doesn't take too much space, so if you have a small room, this one is perfect.
Because our bean bags are stretchy simply don't pop. The cover comes off to wash easily while the inner liner holds the beads. Plus, the bean bags come pre-filled so the price includes absolutely everything!  

Simply add the noomi S and the support U to your cart in the colours that you like and there you have the most comfy bean bag chair ever!


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