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Back in stock June 2022.

Your shoulders... your head and neck would be lost without them. They carry the weight of the world and take on so much stress!

ShoulderBliss aromatherapy wrap is a next generation heat pack. Its unique stitching keeps the filling evenly spread inside the wrap, which makes the wrap sit so comfortably on your shoulders, you'll forget it's there. You can literally wear it on you all day long! It also ensures that the temperature is more even.

But the best part about it is the delicious smell: the filling is made from a special blend of rice (no smelly wheat in this bag!), peppermint and lavender. You'll love wearing it.

Warm the ShoulderBliss to help relax your muscles or ease headaches. Chill it to treat sports injuries or cool you down on hot summer days.

Ready to use in less than 90 second (rather than 3-4 minutes for wheat bags) and there's no need to put water in the microwave!

This winter, let the ShoulderBliss treat you with an awesome herbal hug!

Colour: Purple on one side, green on the other side. 

Sensory: ShoulderBliss has a good weight (over 1kg) and it applies nice pressure on the shoulders area, which feels great particularly for people with ASD. A bit like a mini-weighted blanket.

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